Sweeps Week

Mark your calendars for this great event. April 22-26th, 2024

Choose Any Amount to Give – for Sweeps Week!

For those who don’t know “Sweeps Week” is back!! We will be at Warrior Horse in Louisiana! Warrior Horse does incredible work with our military and first responders suffering through PTSD, started and operated by fellow sweep Kevin Russell.

This is open to anyone, regardless of affiliation. You don’t even need to be a sweep, just come with a willingness to help build something for a purpose bigger than ourselves.

Come for a day or come for the whole week!!

There will be lots of great food! After hours entertainment and lots of camaraderie with fellow sweeps and friends from all around the country.

This year we will be doing a lot of maintenance around the property, as well as setting foundations for the project.

The final project will hopefully be completed in the next few years.
Some CEUs will be available. (We are hoping to be able to sneak in a seminar or two during breaks from working)

Hope to see everyone there to help out this worthy cause!!

Here’s a video of what will eventually be the new cooking and comrader area!

Warrior Horse Sweeps Week